About Us

Eating healthy should never be a chore or make a huge hole in your wallet. At North Cookie our goal is to help our users achieve a higher quality of life by helping them remove the guilt of succumbing to their cravings. Our product not only allows customers to feel satiated but also helps them stay within their nutritional and health goals.

North Cookie Co. - Fortified & Canadian

We set out to create a product that is healthy but does not compromise on taste. To us, the only way to have a sustainable healthy diet is to have the best of both worlds. We wanted to create a cookie that has as few ingredients as possible so we can put the focus on procuring high quality materials to make our cookies different from any other “healthy” cookie you find on the market. All our ingredients are organically grown and are fortified with natural ingredients with proven benefits. These cookies are not meant to be a magic pill; they are meant to assist you with your healthy lifestyle so you can continue on your amazing path without faltering! North Cookie is better tasting, better for you and better for your wallet. Fortified using white-kidney bean extract, Omega 3 and safflower extract, so you can give into that sweet craving without feeling any of the guilt.

Our Story

It all started from a conversation about healthy eating and living in December 2019. Arya was in India and approached me with an idea about healthy baked goods, his idea of the product had a slight twist which I thought would give us an edge over the market. However, our story goes back a bit further than 2019.

Arya and I met in 2017 working at the same Golf Course, he was in accounting while I was the tournament coordinator. We worked together for a year and a great friendship developed. During this time, I briefly mentioned to Arya that I wanted to open up a bakery and café one day. Fast forward a couple of years after working in multiple cafes, attending bakery and business classes, I started a small dessert catering service. The focus of my catering services was to provide decadent and delicious desserts albeit not healthy. My focus was on the look, texture and taste of my desserts. Arya flew back to Canada in January 2020 and we started brainstorming about the different ingredients we were going to use and what we want the cookie to look and taste like. We decided to integrate our priorities and create a cookie that has the taste and texture of a decadent cookie, but the benefits of a healthy cookie. 

Through our research we found that many companies that claimed to be healthy had OVER 20 ingredients in their cookies(!!!), many of which are difficult to pronounce and processed. We made a decision during that time to combine organic ingredients and keep the recipe as simple as possible. With the help of our friends and family as our guinea pigs, we tinkered with multiple recipes until we reached a consensus about the taste and texture of our cookies. Just as we were getting ready to launch, the world was hit with a wave of pandemic, with the spring season around the corner and with many opportunities on our way, we had to take a step back just as many other businesses with this tragedy. It didn’t stop me and Arya pursuing our goals and dreams and looked at this as an opportunity to test our limits and creativity. We realized that things had to be on hold and opportunities as well, but we took it as an opportunity to create and modify the best tasting healthy cookie, and create new recipes for our brand. We hope this all ends soon so we can connect with the community with North Cookie.