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Sadly, butter has gotten a bad rap from the diet industry. However, butter is actually extremely nutrient dense and a source of healthy fats that is not chemically altered with- thus making it one of the most natural sources of healthy fats, containing a host of nutritional health benefits. Butter is beneficial for weight loss and overall health because it contains large amounts of vitamins, such as vitamin A, D, E, K. Minerals such as manganese, zinc, chromium, iodine and selenium. It also contains weight loss nutrients such as CLA, good cholesterol metabolism and short chain fatty acids which easily can be burned for fuel. Butter also contains antimicrobial and glycosphingolipids which help regular a health gut microbiome and protect the G.I tract from infections. Lastly, butter contains healthy fats that are essential for every diet, healthy fats help regulate metabolism & hunger, reduce cravings, and helps fight inflammation and disease. Don’t be afraid of butter!!!

North Cookie Co. Ingredient

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat is actually a superfood seed that comes from the plant Fagopyrum esculentum. It is rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants. Buckwheat has tones of nutritional benefits such as, a low glycemic index which helps to control and manage blood sugar levels. This helps weight loss because it keeps blood sugar levels stable which helps reduce cravings and satiety levels. Buckwheat is also gluten free and contains large amounts of fiber to help maintain healthy gut flora, digestion and increase satiety levels.

North Cookie Co. Ingredient

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is extracted from the coconut palm and is then dehydrated and boiled to make the sugar granules. It is recognized as one of the most nutrient-dense sugar alternatives because of the six health benefits that it carries. It is a wonderful ingredient to have in everyone’s diet, especially those who are health and weight conscious because of these six benefits. First, coconut sugar has a low glycemic index which doesn’t spike blood sugar levels when it is consumed. Secondly, it contains LESS fructose levels than sugar, fructose is a variant of sugar that is quickly converted into fats by our body and is not easily broken down, which is why consuming a sugar low in fructose can be better for health and weight loss goals. Thirdly, as mentioned, it is not refined or altered in anyway meaning that it still contains beneficial nutrients as opposed to table sugar which contains empty calories. Thus, leading us to our fourth point that coconut sugar contains relatively high levels of minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium along with some short-chain fatty acids like polyphenols and antioxidants. Additionally, coconut sugar also contains high amounts of electrolytes, helping to regular the body’s water content and replenish nutrients. Finally, coconut sugar is good for your gut, containing high amounts of fiber which is good for gut mobility and detoxification. When looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking to your health and fitness goals coconut sugar is the perfect option!

North Cookie Co. Ingredient

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract is a starch blocker and weight-loss aid. Carb blockers work by blocking the enzymes needed to digest certain carbs so that when you eat carbs your body does not absorb the high amounts of carbohydrates in the food you eat. White kidney bean extract also has been shown to lower blood sugar levels so that when consuming a meal high in carbohydrates it does NOT raise insulin levels and lead to fat gain. Additionally, white kidney bean extract also has the ability to burn fat reserves that have been stored in the body and suppress appetite. Thus, making it an amazing ingredient to be implemented into these cookies so that individuals can have the cookie without the guilt… all while reaping the nutritional benefits.

North Cookie Co. Ingredient

Safflower Extract (CLA)

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in beef and dairy products. The human body does not make CLA on its own, thus meaning that we need to rely on supplementation and diet to obtain it. Sadly, the modern diet due to high amounts of processed food intake and the changes/ poor quality of farming, now has much lower amounts of CLA content meaning supplementing your diet with it is crucial for weight loss. CLA positively lowers the melting point to all for fat burning to occur. This means that CLA increases the amount of fat burning that occurs. CLA also has the ability blocks fat cells from growing bigger or swelling and also increases the speed that fat burning occurs. Specifically, saffola extract CLA is clinically proven to suppress appetite, reduce sugar cravings, reduce blood sugar spikes and assist with overall weight loss.

North Cookie Co. Ingredient

Plant Based Omega-3 (ALA)

Omega 3’s (3,6 & 9) are an essential fatty acid, meaning that the body cannot make them on their own so it must be consumed through diet and supplements. ALA omega 3’s in the ALA derived from plant based sources such as flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, canola, wheat germ and black current seeds. Including omega 3’s in your diet are extremely beneficial for your health and wellness. These benefits include reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease & blood clots, decreasing inflammation, increasing memory, weight loss, reducing belly fat, help with hair, skin and nails, and increase feelings of satiety.