Strive for Balance Not Perfection

Okay so this topic is very dear to my heart as I tend to be an extremist… I’m either all in or all out in all aspects of my life. But each day I work to become a better version of myself than I was yesterday and strive for that equilibrium.

Health is not a certain weight. It is not a certain diet. It’s not exercising 7 days a weeks and its not eating clean 7 days a week and most importantly it is not the same for everyone!

Some things that I commonly see on social media sites, fitness or wellness blogs, Pinterest posts and more is classifications of foods as either “good” or “bad” … “the best and worst foods to eat this and that”, and it tends to rub me the wrong way. These days people are always on the hunt for that perfect meal plan or supplement that will get them to their health and weight goals the quickest. But something that I think is soooo important that we all understand is that we are all biochemically unique and no two people are the same. What might work for someone won’t necessarily work for another person. Food shouldn’t be classified as good or bad. Food is simply fuel for our bodies and should not be classified as good or bad.

Healthy eating isn’t about being perfect, feeling guilty about consuming certain foods, eating so clean that you are left feeling deprived or restricted. Seriously perfect eating is next to near sustainable, attainable or realistic. I mean we are all human and all we can strive for is to create the best versions of ourselves each day, including the way we eat and the foods we consume.

Health should not be a competition about weight, shape or food. its important that we spend less time comparing our health journeys to others and what other people are doing and simply listening to our own bodies and be the best version of YOU! Each day work to become better than you were yesterday and be gentle with yourself. I mean lets get real, somedays we eat salads and go to the gym and some days we eat chocolate and refuse to leave the couch and thats OKAY and damn right it feels good to do both!

Instead of focusing on PERFECTION focus on BALANCE:

  • Sleep as much as you can and sleep well!
  • Drink water
  • Get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Eat healthy Fats
  • Choose whole natural foods
  • Lean sources of protein whether its meat, eggs, fish, chicken, tofu or legumes.
  • Limit processed foods and refined sugars
  • Breathe deeply
  • Count nutrients not calories
  • Move your body and rest your body
  • TREAT YO SELF – the occasional guilt free treat is the key to moderation. depriving yourself from indulging will only cause problems in the long run both mentally and physically!
  • Enjoy life
  • Practice happy thoughts and spoiling yourself… you deserve it

Eating well isn’t about perfection! Its about a balanced lifestyle where there is room for flexibility. The goal should be to be able to follow a sustainable lifestyle and diet that calls for the occasional indulgence once in a while! Every once and a while you might have a treat or two, and when you do… throughly enjoy it and start the next day fresh back on track by giving your body the optimum nutrients that it needs to thrive! And once you can get to that place it becomes more clear that there is room for every type of food or drink in a BALANCED and sustainable diet where you are nourishing your body from the inside out! After all… Health is an outfit that looks different on everybody so create healthy habits not restrictions.


Best wishes of health and happiness.

-Jade Boychuk xo